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Trinity Travel

Lets see the world with

the eyes of the spirit

Travel for religious devotion has been present since ancestral times. Today millions of pilgrims do this type of travel to many different and varied sanctuaries. Whichever the motive be, either as part of a tradition or a personal offering, religious tourism always results as a trusted and gratifying tourism, and represents to each visitor an opportunity to relive the history of the bible, to know more about the people who lived in those days and to have a special experience with God.

At Trinity Travel we specialize in the design of religious tourism. Since the force that moves us is the apostolate to increase religious devotion through pilgrimages, a Spiritual Director accompanies us in each program that we offer. This gives us the opportunity to perform daily masses as well as other spiritual activities. We invite you to explore our web site and learn more about our services.

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